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What is it about sport that brings people together? The collective desire for a positive outcome? The group support network when things go wrong? The shared joy in those amazing wins? Whatever it is, sport can be a such a positive force in a community, a force for unity. 

The New Unity aims to create a community for fans of sport, great beer and food - bringing people together in a welcoming, inclusive atmosphere. Following the arcade pub of The World’s End, London Road has gained yet another new bar experience as each booth has its own screen for either a clear view of the game, or even a choice of the match only you and your mates want to watch. 

Reserve a booth, grab one of the great Laine beers on tap, one of the craft cans or great wines (we’re always running NUS discounts on our core drinks), and settle in to some extreme drone flying, handball or that third vision team making a rare TV appearance. Unity in diversity. Fans of deep sport have never had such choice to step away from the mainstream. Of course, the big games will be shown on the multiple big screens. In total there’s 10 screens, including the huge projector upstairs that turns the first floor bar into a sports cinema for an incredible unifying atmosphere. 

So that’s the unity part, what about the ‘new’ part? Old Brighton faces will remember a pub in Hanover called The Unity, a second home that very much lived up to its name by bringing a wide range of Hanovians together. Anyone that went will remember how welcoming this mythological Brighton pub was, and that’s what The New Unity is all about. So what better name to pay homage to?

The New Unity is the place to experience the big moments in sport, whether that’s Liverpool vs Man City, the latest women’s football international, or even Red Bull Salzburg vs Cardiff Devils.